Spotlight Glass Manufacturer: Wissmach Glass

Wissmach Glass ProjectManufacturer of the Month: Wissmach Glass

Since 1904, Wissmach Glass has produced of some of the finest American sheet glass available. This art glass company, nestled along the banks of the Ohio River in West Virginia, has been a long-time partner of Ed Hoy’s International. Their business is renowned for featuring a broad range of fusible and stained glass varieties in unique textures, over 18 of which you can find etched into their beautiful slabs of sheet glass.

Cathedral and Stained Glass

Wissmach art glass produces the largest variety of colored sheet glass in the world, featuring a dizzying selection of colors for stunning religious glass projects. Their English muffle glass is another favorite for Victorian-style window panels for a vintage look and feel.

Their selection is a stained glass enthusiast’s dream, giving panel and lamp makers the perfect textures, opacities, and styles to build stunning designs. From decadent Tiffany-style lamps to delicate stained glass panels and window accents, Wissmach art glass is a leader in stained glass art. Thousands of homes and buildings across the country have been graced with the soft, multicolored glow of Wissmach glass, and we’re looking forward to thousands more!

Kiln Glass

Wissmach art glass is no longer just a producer of stained art glass. They now feature high-quality kiln glass in both 90 and 96 COE, and are quickly becoming a force in the fusible glass market. They test their glass for compatibility with major brands, which makes it an excellent choice for eclectic glassworking studios.

This art glass brand offers transparent, opalescent, and reactive glass. They even offer a Luminescent coating that creates a lovely iridescent effect on their glass, placing them among the most innovative glass producers in the nation, and the world.

The Launch of Prisma Glass Color Blends

Wissmach has long been famed for producing elegant mixes for stained glass but only recently have they ventured into fusible color blends of the same caliber. Now the beautiful, swirling patterns that earned Wissmach their claim to fame are available in 96 COE.

Prisma colors are not unique in their textures and wisps, but they feature slightly different patterns on each side, making for a fascinating variation in fused glass works, a mark of distinction for their world-class glass line. Look for more mixes to come in the future.

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Featured Spotlight Glass Manufacturer: Wissmach Glass