Art Glass Manufacturers

Excellence Begins At the Source: The Right Art Glass Manufacturers.

As North America’s largest art glass distributor, Ed Hoy’s International strives to push the boundaries of traditional glass arts. We choose our supplies with your next creative move in mind, constantly updating our inventory to meet the ever-changing demands of the glass art industry, one of the most innovative artistic communities in the world.

We understand that the greatest glass supplies are as diverse as the artists who create with them, so we stock our 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse with the biggest names in the business of art glass. Whether you’re seeking Bullseye Glass Co., Uroboros, System 96, or Spectrum, we have exactly what you need to bring your next masterpiece to life.

bullseye art glass manufacturersBullseye Glass Co., Bullseye Compatible
Bullseye Glass Company is one of the most popular art glass manufacturers in the market. It’s a staple to many glass aficionados, old and new. Based in Portland, Oregon, Bullseye Glass is known as the first company in the world to formulate and manufacture glasses that are factory-tested for fusing compatibility with 90 COE glass. Learn more about our partnership with Bullseye Glass here.

Oceanside Glass & Tile, Oceanside Compatible
Oceanside Glass & Tile has taken over the production of Spectrum and Uroboros Glass and is now creating an almost exclusive line of fusible sheet glass. This product line is compatible with existing System 96 Branded products that are currently on the market. Some non-fusible sheet glass styles will still be produced, including: Ring Mottles, Spot Mottles, Granite Mottles, Drapery and Baroque.

kokomo colored art glass manufacturers

Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Inc. is America’s oldest art glass company. They operate on a long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation, delivering beautiful sheet glass, stained glass materials, and more to Ed Hoy’s warehouse. If you’re looking for decorative, sculptural, or fusible glass pieces, KOG is an excellent choice.

The Paul Wissmach Glass Co.
produces high quality colored sheet glass for architectural and fused wissmach-logo3glass needs alike. They manufacture a wide variety of colors and styles, all designed and tested in different COEs. They also carry stained glass supplies for window panels, lamp-making, and more. Wissmach is based in Paden City, West Virginia. Learn more about our Wissmach glass art supplies online.

creation-is-messy2Creation is Messy, 104 COE
CIM have a mission to build a line of 104 compatible colors to expand your lamp-working palette. CiM is a Seattle based company that produces glass lamp-working rods in China. It’s a family-owned business with a great emphasis on quality control and an excellent overall product. All CiM products are COE 104.

northstar2Northstar Glassworks, 33 COE
Northstar Glassworks Inc. is one of the USA’s premier borosilicate colored art glass manufacturers. By emphasizing quality and usability, they are truly dedicated to the glass art community and committed to serving their customers with a great line of soft-glass products.

effetreEffetre Murano, 104 COE
The processing techniques currently used at EFFETRE MURANO SRL go back to the XIX century. The tradition of these techniques marries modern technology with ancient skill, preserving hand-crafted accuracy in their  beautiful 104 COE products. Effetre Murano glass in your designs truly shines through as an elegant classic.

Trautman Art Glass, 33 & 104 COE
Trautman Art Glass is a favorite among sculptors. From bright neons to rich dichroics, this glass brand is a great choice for fans of borosilicate glass.

Simaxsimax logo, 33 COE
A popular choice for borosilicate glass, Simax is a great option for glassmakers looking to create elegant and heat resistant glassware. Their product is a clear, non porous glass perfect for scientific glass and more.

Coatings by Sandberg
A leading producer of dichroic glass coatings for glass, Coatings by Sandberg. They’re an excellent choice for high-quality opalescent, iridescent, and otherwise luminous glass films. Learn more about our partnership with CBS.

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