Art Educators – ‘Free Your Mind’

Inspiring Art Educators to Bring Glass Into the Classroom

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of mixing glass with kids?
No worries –  We can help Free Your Mind!

Ed Hoy’s has been partnering with art educators for over 25 years – helping them expose their students to the various benefits that glass can provide in the classroom.


Glass can be a dangerous substance to work with, but it’s simultaneously one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring mediums for young people to express themselves. If you’re an art teacher, than you know the importance of new, exciting activities.

Not only does glass art give your students a more well-rounded education, but it gets them to go beyond the traditional limitations of pen and paper, into the boundless world of color and volume that only glass art can offer.

Glass for Fundraising

What’s more, the beauty and permanence of glass art make students’ pieces timeless works of art that their families can cherish for a lifetime. A mosaic or stained glass panel will likely never lose it’s luster.

The projects may cost more than traditional paper, but the value is immense. We’ve helped many schools utilize their thirst for creative adventure in the classroom by providing hands-on training.

The results, like the student showcase pictured here, have been both impressive and profitable. This event pictured auctioned off some of their glass projects to fund future creative endeavors. We see excellent art instructors take inspired action to do something new every day, no matter where they teach!

Bottom line– any school can bring glass art into the classroom.

Glass for Art Educators

Here is what one of our teachers had to say about their work with Ed Hoy’s wholesale glass materials:

“The students did a great job and enjoyed the class.  They each participated in a collaborative piece that was auctioned at the art show.  A set design was given to them to create any way they wanted.  Collectively, the squares form a larger geometric pattern of intersecting circles.

The students were also given the opportunity to create their own mosaic piece to take home.   We auctioned 2 sets of a three framed pieces.  They turned out beautiful! Thank you again for your help and for supporting our school.”

Grow your skills with Ed Hoy’s 

Throughout the year we host workshops that expand your knowledge of art glass and the many ways that it can be incorporated into your classroom. We answer questions about the wholesale stained glass supplies we carry, and customize your order according to your needs and budget.  Art Teachers Working With Glass

You will not find a better way to stretch your budget and grow your art glass skills all at the same time!

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

-William A. Ward

If you have a glass art project you’d like to put together for your students, we’d love to help! Contact us for details, or connect with us on Facebook!